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December 2016


Dear Friends of the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra,


Thank you for caring about music and the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra. Your support has helped our year be full and wonderful . . . bringing music to more people than ever before! You have helped us begin an active Outreach Program – playing in libraries, clubs, retirement communities, outdoor festivals, and retail establishments. We have been so well received and have brought a lot of people into the realm of music.


We just finished holding our Young Soloist Competition and listened to 30 unbelievably talented young musicians. We hope those on the waiting list will compete next year. The winner, a flutist whose playing made me weep, will solo on our Family Concert in March. We could not do this without you.


On Wednesday (I am writing this on November 29), Max Hobart and I will listen to several small children sing “All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth,” each one hoping to be selected to sing this classic song on our December 18 Holiday Pops. Again, we could not do this without you.


So, on we go . . . with your help . . . spreading music . . . giving young soloists and composers a chance . . . filling people’s hearts and souls, so necessary in this complicated world. We thank you for coming to hear us and for making much-needed donations. We hope you will continue to help us spread the joy and beauty of music ever farther and wider. We do need you!


We could not do this without you.   To make a donation to the Wellesley Symphony please use this secure link or write a check to


 Wellesley Symphony Orchestra, P.O. Box 81860, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481


Warmest wishes to you all,


Leslie Holmes



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