Dear Music Lovers,

We do hope you are all staying safe during this unsettling time. The health of our
players and our audiences is of primary importance to the WSO Board.
We have been communicating with David Podell, President of MassBay, who
LOVES the Wellesley Symphony! He says that having the WSO in residence at
MassBay is like having a jewel in their midst. He comes to all of our concerts.
David is heartbroken that, due to COVID, MassBay will only be having on-line
classes for their students this entire season. There will be no live performances
and no usage by outside groups. Even though we are in-residence at MBCC, and
have been since 1984 (!), the WSO is still an outside group.

So, there goes our entire season! This is especially sad, as we had hoped to
make this season a celebration of Max, who is stepping down after this season,
and the transformative work he has done with the Orchestra. We shall designate
one concert next season (2021-2022) as a tribute to, and celebration of, Max. This
is far less than he deserves, but it is the best we can do.

We shall do everything in our power to make it possible for members of the
Orchestra to make SOME kind of music together, which we can share with you,
our audience, during this fallow time.

Please know how much we value your loyalty to the WSO, and how much we look
forward putting on a regular season in 2021-2022.

Our very best to you all,
The WSO Board