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The Music Director of the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra is a consummate musician who provides leadership to the orchestra in all aspects of the orchestra’s performances. The candidate is passionate about classical music and inspires and shapes the orchestra’s musical identity; has a broad knowledge of instruments, orchestral repertoire, music history, and conducting; and serves as an ambassador for the orchestra to the community. The Music Director reports to the Board and consults and communicates regularly with the Board regarding musical responsibilities.


Musical responsibilities


The Music Director assumes the following musical responsibilities, with appropriate Board, orchestra, Manager, and Assistant Conductor consultation:


  • Schedules the season

  • Leads repertoire selection for each concert

  • Selects guest artists and soloists

  • Auditions and engages musicians as needed

  • Determines section seating  

  • Through regularly scheduled rehearsals and sectionals, prepares the orchestra to the highest possible level of artistic performance

  • Creates the performance and rehearsal schedule

  • Works with the librarian to acquire and prepare scores and parts

  • Evaluates audio and video recordings of the orchestra as to their suitability for release

  • Judges the annual Young Soloist Competition, along with three others, and schedules the winner’s performance with the orchestra. 




The Music Director establishes and maintains a positive, mutually respectful artistic relationship with the orchestra, Board, and staff. 


  • Orchestra: Serves as a mentor to the musicians and inspires them to perform at the highest level possible. Conducts collaborative, efficient, productive rehearsals

  • Board: Submits season schedule and program for approval. Regularly communicates the status of artistic programs and projects. Attends Board meetings as a non-voting member as requested 

  • Manager:  Collaborates on engaging musicians for each concert to ensure adequate instrumentation while staying within the budget. Supports maintenance of a list of substitute musicians. Participates in development activities

  • Assistant Conductor:  As appropriate, acts as mentor and collaborates on rehearsals and performances

Community relations


Helps build the orchestra’s presence in the community by participating in activities that further WSO’s name recognition and that develop the overall image of the orchestra.


  • Acts as a musical leader in the community, supporting opportunities to collaborate with local organizations and institutions and to participate in community events and activities 

  • Collaborates with the Board and the Manager on projects to maintain and build the audience 

  • Attends selected fundraising events




  • Reports to the Board of Directors

  • Works with the Manager and the Board to establish a comprehensive artistic plan based on the season budget

  • Creates and maintains good relationships with the orchestra


The Wellesley Symphony Orchestra is an equal opportunity employer.

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