November 2020

Dear Wellesley Symphony Orchestra family,


I wanted to tell you, myself, that I am stepping down at the end of the year as President of the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra.


25 years is a long time. I have loved it.


I love the Orchestra, I love the Board, I love Max, I love our mission...


I think, if I am going to step down, now is a good time for me to do so. We have a strong Board, strong committees and no performances.


This has been a very difficult decision, but I think it is the right one.


The loyalty which so many of you have shown to the WSO is moving, indeed. I know it will continue.


And, I will be right here, supporting the Orchestra, and look forward to seeing many of you as soon as we can hold live concerts.


My very best to you all,


Leslie Holmes,

Wellesley Symphony Orchestra President